Atomic Spider (free) available for iOS

Atomic Spider is an exciting fast pased action game introducing a unique gameplay mechanic. Capture enemies and their bosses by encircling them with your webline.

Zoomies (free) available for iOS, AppleTV

Zoomies is a challenging pickup & play game of skill and timing. Compete in speed run leaderboards, try for a distance record in "Infinity Challenge" mode, or challenge a friend in head-to-head mode.

Slam Mania (free) available for iOS, AppleTV

Slam Mania is our take on the classic 1980s arcade game Mat Mania/Exciting Hour. Battle a crew of rowdy wrestlers in vs. computer or head-to-head matches!

Flicky Marble (free) available for iOS, AppleTV, OSX

Flick & Roll Flicky through zany courses in this Marble Madness-inspired 3d speed runner.

Suzy Cube (AppStore, Google Play, and Steam)

Premimum 3d Platforming - Touch Arcade's Game of the Week!

Mr Dig! (free) available for iOS

Dig, jump, push, and jackhammer boulders in 50 increasingly challenging puzzles.

You Against Me available for iOS

You. Me. Claim, steal, lock, score, win! You Against Me is a fun multiplayer game blending elements of bingo, gin rummy, and tic tac toe. Play against computer or challenge a friend.

Berzerker Botz available for iOS

Intruder Alert! Battle hostile robots in a subterranean maze. Collect power cores to level up your shield or use them as makeshift grenades. Supports MFI controllers. Compete on Game Center leaderboards.

Space Grunt available for iOS

Earth's been invaded! Use jetpacks and guns to battle machines, monsters and alien bosses. Screen is divided into three zones (retreat, advance, and jump/jetpack).

Sword & Penguin available for iOS

The polar bears have invaded the penguin kingdom and egg-napped your younglings! Use your wits and agility to become the legendary hero. Solve hundreds of quirky puzzles

Pocket Boxing available for Android devices on Google Play!

Our arcade boxing game, Pocket Boxing Legends, is now available for Android Devices!

Lace up your gloves and do battle with a colorful cast of hulking opponents, each with a unique fighting style. Dodge, duck, and punch your way to victory in a rousing romp of old-timey arcade boxing action!

You can find a link to the app as well as more info and strategies at the link below.

Explosive Gas available on Xbox Live!

Explosive Gas, a DS game I helped a friend with many years ago has now been released in big boy form on the Xbox Live Indy channel! You can check it out here!:
Explosive Gas for Xbox 360.

Having fun with World To Conquer?

So, as you can guess from the posts below, World To Conquer is in the wold and actually doing ok, being featured recently in the Canadian app store as a New and Noteworthy title in both the Board and Strategy categories! We have a couple links for you to check out if you’re digging the game.
If you need a hand, try our info page, it’s chock full of great tips!
World To Conquer Info Page

If you want to discuss the game with other fans, we’ve got a nicely active thread kickin’ up in the Touch Arcade forums. You should check it out, we’ve got a little contest going on there at the moment.. can you reach the dragon?
Touch Arcade World To Conquer Thread

And don’t forget, if you have any comments or tips on how to improve the game, we have a handy contact form you can use, its the, um, Contact option in the toolbar above ^_^.

World To Conquer is now AVAILABLE!

That’s right, you can pick up World To Conquer for the iPhone and iPod Touch right now!.. No really! get it right now. We’ll be adding it to the game page soon but for now, hit up this link:
App Store Link

Work goes on.

Yup, we are still hard at work getting World To Conquer ready for release on the iPhone. We've also put together some great updates to Card Shark and Pocket Boxer, adding bug fixes and new games to the former and a cool new option for retro style sprites as well as some new modes to the latter.